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What is Yogic Healing?

The word yoga is derived form the Sanskrit word 'yuj' which means 'to join'. Yoga is usually translated as 'unity' or 'oneness' and refers to the union of individual and universal consciousness. In more practical terms yoga is a means of harmonising and balancing all levels of our being.


Similar to the four bodies in Reiki tradition, Yogic Healing knows five bodies: physical, energy, emotions and thoughts, insight/wisdom and connection/bliss. It aims at connecting us with our true self and at enhancing wellbeing by living in line with this true self.

Any yoga practice in this holistic sense is a healing technique. However, since nowadays yoga is often mainly seen as a form of physical exercise Yogic Healing as a holistic practice focuses on self-care. Self-care is not selfish. It is the essential basis for

- being happy and healthy 

- being socially connected

- our ability to care for other beings and for our living environment

Yoga at Home

Yogic Healing Sessions

All sessions provide deep relaxation from where healing can begin. We can all do with some healing, to some extend, from various issues. This can be stress, anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, fatigue, just to mention some. 


"All you need for doing yoga is your body the way it is and your mind to say: 'You're fine. There's nothing that needs fixing before you can begin.'" (Anonymous). Yogic Healing classes are mainly low to the ground practices which you can also do in bed, or sitting on a chair. There is nothing you have to do but plenty of room to adjust according to your individual needs at any time. 


Yogic Healing Sessions are designed around your individual needs, using different breathing techniques, meditation and restorative body postures combined with meditative imagery. We utilise various props but there is no need to buy props initially (or at all). In our sessions props will be provided, and for your home practice you can use cushions, blankets, books and scarfs.

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