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My Story

I discovered Reiki after a devastating experience with one of my pets. My beloved rescue cat, who had various vet treatments and surgery before adoption (hence came without ears and deaf), fell terminally ill only weeks after I adopted her. She was still recovering from surgery when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It made me feel helpless​ to see her suffer and I wished I had some tool to complement veterinary treatment, to ease her way through convalescence and final days.


So when I heard about Reiki I didn't hesitate to train through all stages, to be able to help myself and others. Ever since I incorporated Reiki self-treatments in my daily self care routine I simply feel so much better equipped to face life's challenges. And as a pet guardian I really appreciate to be able to assist animals to cope with physical or emotional challenges.  

Throughout the years I have seen the positive effects of Reiki on many beings, humans and animals. And it still fills me with awe and pleasure to be able to bring these positive effects about, to see how humans and animals become more balanced so they can fully enjoy their lives and social interactions. 


My Approach

I honour the Reiki principles, and the divine soul in each of my clients, whether they are human or animal.

I share what I practice, and I love to see you discover your own way of healing from your individual issues, because I enjoy to see you feel so much better than you do right now. As a pet guardian I also know how important it is to be able to provide any help and assistance our beloved animals need.


Please feel free to contact me, for any questions about me, my services, or if you just wish to chat about your own or your animal's healing journey. We are in it together! 

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