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Wow! What can I say? Theo and Shadow loved their reiki sessions. I asked Kay to work with my two cats Theo and Shadow as they didn’t get on with each other and were aggressive towards each other and I wanted to see if reiki could help them. Right from the first session they seemed to respond to Kay, I knew because Theo’s ears were twitching and they were both so relaxed. During one session Shadow got up and walked over to Kay and looked at her hands as if to see where the “effect” was coming from, she then looked into Kay’s bag and returned to lie back down! One day Theo appeared not interested in the session and walked out of the room but after a few minutes he came back to see what Kay was doing. Since their sessions both cats have appeared calmer with each other although I don’t think they will ever be best friends, but no aggression whatsoever between them! I must admit I was sceptical at first but I am amazed at the outcome! I also had previously had a lot of difficulty getting Shadow to the vets as she was so anxious and I couldn’t get her into the pet carrier on many occasions. Kay worked with Shadow specifically to help with this issue and I was able to put shadow into carrier on my own and she appeared very calm at the vets which was a relief both for myself and Shadow. I will definitely recommend Kay and definitely use her services again. (Carol)

Kay is super intuitive, compassionate, and talented. Through her connection (from a distance) to my dog Nina, Kay knew even before the vet did that Nina was not well. In the end, Nina didn't survive, but Kay was with me every step of the way as I navigated through the early stages of my grief. She also was able to facilitate communication between me and Nina's soul, something that provided me great comfort. I can't thank Kay enough for her generous support. I highly recommend her. (David)

Thank you for the Reiki session, I have never seen Nala as relaxed for so long as she was with you. What ever you did calmed her right down. 

It was a pleasure meeting you. (Jayne)

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